On January 19, 2018, Riggs Walker announced his candidacy for Place 1, an open seat on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals. There are no Democrats running for this office, so the statewide race will be decided in the Republican primary on June 5th.

Riggs Walker, age 50, grew up in the Montgomery area, but has made the greater Birmingham area his home for the past 19 years. He graduated from Auburn in 1991, with a B.A. in Speech Communication. After graduation, he worked his way through law school by managing his father’s printing business. He obtained his law degree in 1998. Riggs said, “My experience of managing a small business and paying my own way through law school was difficult, but it taught me the value of hard work and the importance of staying on course until the job is done.”

Upon graduation, he clerked for Circuit Judge William A. Shashy in the 15th Judicial Circuit. In 1999, he moved to Birmingham to work as a deputy district attorney in the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office. Riggs and his wife of 17 years, Cheryl, are raising their two children, Riggs Jr. (13) and Ragan (10), in the Homewood, Alabama, community, where he is active in the schools and community.

Over the last 19 years, Riggs has worked hard to earn his stripes in the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, prosecuting thousands of felony cases. He has successfully prosecuted a wide range of felony cases, including capital murder, murder, assault, burglary, robbery and theft.

Riggs, a pro-life and pro-2nd amendment dedicated conservative, is an active participant in local and state politics, but also makes his children’s schools and church a priority. He serves on the Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee and is a member of the Alabama GOP. He volunteers with Homewood City Schools and attends Covenant Presbyterian Church, PCA.

Riggs Walker’s many years in the courtroom have taught him that conscientious judges serve a critical role in society, balancing the essential protection of individual liberties with the critical duty of keeping neighborhoods secure--because no man is truly free if he fears for his safety.

At the same time, Riggs believes that the power of the criminal justice system is limited, while the power of many individuals, brought together by a common desire to make real change, is boundless. He believes in supporting families, churches, schools and neighborhoods. “If we can make families stronger and provide good educational opportunities, many of the types of cases I have worked will disappear.”

Some people say justice should be blind; Riggs Walker believes justice should have a mind. He has the ability to comprehend complex legal issues and get to the right result, as demonstrated by his great success as a prosecutor. Riggs Walker has the experience, conservative values and character to make the hard calls and get them right, for the good of our families and communities.

Let’s put conservative values to work.

On Tuesday, June 5th, vote for Riggs Walker, AL Court of Criminal Appeals, PL 1.

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